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Dick Whittington Turns to Garsington

The Village Pantomime

8.00 pm. Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th December 2015.
Garsington Village Hall

Why does Dick Whittington want to go to Garsington?
Who will help him get there?
Will he be welcomed?
Come and find the answers to these questions and enjoy a modern, 3D, super-digital, retake on this Traditional fable.

Book Online via Eventbrite or by Telephone 01865 361200
Full Price: £7; Concessions (OAPs and Under 16): £5

About the Production
After a break of two years the Garsington Village Christmas Pantomime returns.

This year the production is staged exclusively by local villagers some of whom are making their very first acting appearance on the Garsington stage.

Dick Whittington Turns to Garsington is based on the pantomime story of the young man Richard Whittington who, as the youngest son of an estate, would have no inheritance. He eventually makes his fortune and becomes Lord Mayor of London upon so doing he decides to do good work for the poor and disadvantaged- just like modern times you may think!

Well, our production brings things up to date and mixes the old with the new. We go on an adventure with Dick as he looks to make his way in life with the help (or not) of the people of Garsington.

If you are lucky there may be one or two ‘guest’ appearances of your friends and neighbours.

Be prepared to boo and cheer, sing along and get involved in the pantomime spirit.

Dick Whittington should be great fun for everyone- even if you live in Wheatley Road.

Parental Guidance
We think the production can be enjoyed by anyone of school age and above, although some contemporary references may not be understood by the very young.